Compare Kitchen Knives

Compare Kitchen Knives

When choosing a knife or set of knives the choices seem to be endless. Today’s quality knives are made from high-carbon steel with chromium or nickel that will not rust, are durable and stay sharper longer.

Certain things to look for when buying a knife is the feel of the knife in your hand, the grip, the balance of weight between the blade and the handle.

If your budget only allows you to buy one good quality knife, a chef knife should be your choice. A good quality chef knife is the most useful tool any cook owns, the best chef knives are perfectly balanced for effortless chopping, mincing, dicing and carving.

Compare Kitchen Knives

Saber Chef and Kitchen Knives

Saber knives offer a unique high-quality solution for the hard-working chef! We specialize in custom manufacturing of high grade knives for the culinary artist. Each knife is hot drop forged from a single piece of proprietary German steel.

German Metallurgical Engineers pioneered the high carbon stainless steel manufacturing process. This process produces a metal that is hard enough to hold an edge, flexible enough not to break, and soft enough to hone and sharpen. It also must have all of the right qualities to resist rust and corrosion throughout its lifetime. The resulting formula for German stainless steel is: X 45 Cr Mo V 15.

This recipe for metal is what is used to ensure every Saber knife is chef sharp!

60 years of knife making experience

38 step proprietary manufacturing process

Unique tempering method creates a 56.6 Rockwell hardness to ensure stability and optimum sharpness for life

Full tang with bolster provides maximum strength and superior balance

Granton edge produces less drag to improve efficiency and reduce fatigue

Chef designed, chef tested, chef approved!We offer a full warranty on the craftsmanship on all of our knives.

Compare Kitchen Knives



The KnifeCenter has an incredibly wide range of items. The focus is on variety and quality. You can view and compare thousands of items from the finest manufacturers. Our goal is to have every type of cutlery product available anywhere - from watermelon knives to damascus combat daggers- and, to this end, we are constantly adding new products and indexing them. When you want to buy an item, you can see what is really available on the world market and not only what your local retailer decides to carry.


If you shop and compare you will see that our prices are rock bottom.
We have long term relationships with most of the manufacturers and distributors and are always finding new and better sources and prices. When we get a close-out special deal on a product it is put right up on the Specials page to pass the savings on to you. Also, please note that there are not any "hidden costs" like you may see elsewhere. We charge the same for cash or charge and the shipping costs we charge are very close to what we have to pay - unlike a lot of mail order companies you may have dealt with.

Henckels TWIN Signature 19 Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set

Wusthof Classic Ikon (Black) 12 Piece Block Set

Shun Classic 9 Piece Kitchen Knife Bamboo Block Set

Victorinox Forged Cutlery 8 Piece Block Set

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