4 Cooking Tips to Cook Perfect Steaks and Grilled Meat

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Try these 4 cooking tips to cook Perfect steaks and grilled meat.

Cooking meat over a grill isn’t as hard as you initially imagined it to be. You only need to know your meat and how much time it needs to be marinated and cooked to come up with that perfectly moist yet thoroughly cooked steak or roast. Here are a few pointers that can come in handy:

1. Marinate sufficiently, but don’t marinate too long. Marinating too long might cause the meat to taste too salty or too sour. You need it to taste perfect, so marinating it for a few hours is probably okay. If you are pressed for time, using a dry rub is better. Some herbs you could use as dry rub are rosemary, thyme, and oregano.

2. Choose marinating ingredients that complement each others tastes. If you are marinating your meat in something sour, you should include something salty or sweet to balance the taste. You could use any of the tested combinations, or you could also experiment on your own.

3. Cook on medium to high heat depending on doneness preference. If you want rare steak, it’s okay to cook it in high setting to sear the flavor inside, then after the outside has been cooked, let it rest on the grill for a few minutes of medium-setting cooking. This will make sure that bacteria in the food are killed before you serve rare meat.

4. Don’t attempt to cook one side of the meat in one go. There’s a reason meat is turned over while being cooked in the grill. You only need to cook one side then cook the other by turning the meat over. When you wait for the meat to cook thoroughly and then turn it afterwards, the other side would already be overcooked and the outcome would be dry and unappetizing.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at RockwellNutrition.com. Rockwell Nutrition is a leading online retailer of Pharmax supplements.

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