Boiled Ham Dinner

by Noreen

Boiled Ham Dinner

A simple one-pot meal - actually 2 one-pot meals with additional vegetable broth for future soup or stew.


1 pork Cottage Roll 4 lb (1800 gr)

medium turnip, peeled & cubed

medium cabbage sliced

2 medium onions diced

4 medium potatoes peeled and cubed

1 lb (450 gr) carrots - cubed

Water to almost cover


1. Remove plastic wrap from Cottage Roll.

2. Place in a dutch oven or stew pot with just enough water to cover meat.

3. Heat on high.

4. Meanwhile prepare all the vegetables and add them to the pot. (adjust water level to just under the level of vegetables, if necessary.)

5. Once pot comes to a boil turn heat down and simmer for another 2 hours.

6. Remove meat with a long handled meat fork onto a serving plate, cut off netting and slice into serving slices.

7. Remove vegetables with a long handled slotted spoon into a large serving bowl.

8. Serve.

Yield: Serves 8


1.Keep all remaining leftovers and the liquid in the pot. This makes a fantastic second meal.
Using of the broth (you can ladle of the broth out of the pot and freeze it for a future soup or stew) then return any left-over vegetables to the pot. Roughly mash these with a large potato masher. Remove the fat from the remaining meat and cut into bite-sized pieces. (If you need more ham you can use store bought pre-cooked ham and cube it). Heat this all thoroughly and you have another great one-pot meal. Serve this with some crusty bread or rolls.

2. My sons are not particularly fond of turnip, so I leave it in large slices instead of cubing it. This way it is easier for them to scoop around and avoid it in the vegetable bowl.

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