Worcestershire & Dark Rum Marinade

by Kristin

This Worcestershire & Dark Rum Marinade is more of a glaze to add at final cooking but I do marinate my sirloin medallions in Worcestershire ahead of time. I use small(5") Corning-ware dishes for each steak so it only takes an ounce or so per steak.

After searing the steaks 2 min each side on high heat with a rub of fresh ground pepper and a small amount of salt. When the steaks are transferred to medium heat I take a mix of about 1/2 oz of dark rum, 1 tsp of brown sugar and about 1 oz of Worcestershire that is brushed on the steaks top side. It pretty much evaporates so it does not burn when the steaks are turned 6-7 min later, I then brush the remaining glaze on the other side.

I have several variations of this using Brown sugar and sometimes Merlot wine or another wine with a strong flavor and either Worcestershire or teriyaki.

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