Oven Roasting Pork Tenderloin

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Alternative Names: Filet Of Pork

Pork Tenderloin
Pork Tenderloin

Roasting Pork Tenderloin

The pork tenderloin lies underneath the ribs alongside the backbone, parallel to the loin. Together the tenderloin and the loin make up the bone-in center loin roast and center loin chop.

The tenderloin is very lean and extremely tender, a favorite of chefs, the world over. It has about the same amount of fat as boneless/skinless chicken breast and can be used in any dish calling for chicken breast.

Pork tenderloin roast cooks very quickly, will dry out faster than most cuts but is still a very versatile cut. It can be roasted, grilled, sauteed, stewed, skewered or stir-fried. Tenderloin also takes well to marinades, rubs and glazes.

Enhanced or seasoned pork is becoming more and more popular in grocery stores in the United States and Canada. If the pork you have purchased is enhanced do not use a brine solution or add any salt to the recipe. Read this article to learn more about enhanced or seasoned pork.

Cooking Instructions
Roasting Pork Tenderloin

When roasting tenderloin we recommend not cooking past medium doness of 150 degrees, because tenderloin is a delicate, lean cut it will easily dry out if cooked past medium doneness.

Pork roasts generally cook better at low temperatures however because of its long cylinder shape and only weighing ¾ to 1½ pounds (340-680gr.) cooking at a temperature of 425 degrees will not dry out the outer parts before the center is cooked.


You should always use and instant-read thermometer to check the doneness of your pork tenderloin.

Doneness Description Meat Thermometer Reading
Medium Pink throughout 145-150 degrees
Medium-Well Slightly pink in center 150-160 degrees
Well-Done Beige-pink throughout 160-170 degrees

It is not recommended recipes for pork loin be cooked less than medium doneness.

Baked Pork Tenderloin Recipe 
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The above pork tenderloin recipes are great options for the winter months or anyone who lives in an apartment. But nothing beats that smell and taste of grilling meat outdoors. Whether you have a charcoal or a gas grill learn how to grill pork tenderloin to perfection. 

How To Grill Pork Tenderloin. 

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